Subcontractors and back/return loads

H.Crabtree constantly have full and part return/backloads across the UK (particularly travelling to/from the North West and West of England) and are continually on the look out for reliable sub-contracting partners across the country to work with.

Why work with us to deliver return loads and back loads?

  • Save costs, make more profit – ensure you don't return home empty
  • Grow your business - never turn down a customer request
  • In future we'll call you - we're happy to send work to hauliers who work well with us.
If you want to work with us you must be working in your own capacity with at least one single haulage vehicle. We can't work with agencies and companies who deal with return journeys or backloads for vehicles either driven by, or belonging to other companies.

Send us your back/return loads