Using IT to improve service

It's too easy to stand-still in the new-world of logistics, but H. Crabtree are always first to market with IT systems. We continue to adopt leading-edge products and they've been essential to maintaining business advantage in today's competitive marketplace. We are continually reviewing and improving our processes to maximise business efficiency, add value to our service and pass cost-savings onto our customers.

All H. Crabtree jobs can be entered directly into the H. Crabtree IT system. In 2013 we made this system accessible via our website. As there is no software to install, it is easy and simple for our customers to use.

To support our extensive practical expertise as a haulage contractor we use the most up to date, industry-leading management software applications. The sophisticated routing capabilities of these packages enable us to perform detailed operational analysis to maximise the efficiency of our routing and the speed of delivery.

With Navman fleet management, we locate, track and monitor our vehicles anywhere in the country, anytime of the day or night. We can now see, track and manage our fleet vehicles in real-time. Navman takes the guesswork out of vehicle location, job dispatching, job scheduling and driver behaviour. Our customers and clients also appreciate our ability to offer more accurate ETAs and provide detailed, accurate invoices.