Our Philosophy

We’re 100% committed to what we are doing and we know our area better than anyone else. We know our customers intimately and that every customer has individual needs. We know that demands unique solutions.

We’ve been doing this well for over 50 years since our founder Roy Crabtree started the business.

From single freight movement to complete supply chain solutions, for a client base that couldn’t be more diverse, serviced by a national network that accesses even the remotest areas in the country, our focus is the same. You. Your needs. And going beyond simply ‘meeting’ them.

We’re people powered. We stay that way by constantly developing our teams, their skills, their knowledge, their thinking, and encouraging the ability to problem solve laterally, creatively and outside the box.

Better still, H. Crabtree’s position of remaining 100% privately owned and impervious to external influence has allowed the organisation to consistently stay 100% customer focused.

We’re not what some customers may expect. We’re a logistics company obsessed with our customers and improving our services. We’re very good at what we do, but we plan to get better.